Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You

What a response we've had in the last 24-hours.  Hundreds of people have posted comments on Facebook and Twitter, Subscribed to our YouTube channel or sent emails to volunteering to participate in this exciting event.  It's been a fantastic day to say the least.

The biggest question so far has been "when exactly is the rally." and I wish I could tell you.  Unfortunately our first date was turned down for the permit so with the help of the board we have been discussing the next best possible time.  In fact, take the poll next to this post and help by giving your suggestion.  It will only be up for a week, so please hurry and tell all you friends to cast their vote so we can apply for the date as soon as possible.

Thanks again and we'll see you there,
Reason Rally


  1. I woud like the rally to be on Easter Sunday.

  2. May would be best for me because I work in a job with a quarterly sales cycle, and taking time off during the 3rd month of any quarter is strongly discouraged. I'm guessing a lot of people might be in this situation.

  3. An advantage of an event in late May or in June (vs earlier) is that it slightly increases the chance that people will be available who might otherwise be committed to activities at an academic institution or related to primary election seasons.

  4. Bruce makes an excellent point. Having it in late May/early June would maximize participation by college-age and younger people. They are likely our biggest demographic, and we want to maximize turnout.

  5. Yeah, definitely don't have it the first week of may. I would be severely disappointed at the lack of fore-sight to include the college demographic.

  6. FndF the comments made by Bruce and pierrejc2
    college-age and younger people are not "likely" our biggest demographic, they are our largest demographic, according to American Religious Identification Survey, if I am not mistaken.
    I look forward to this rally and hope to be a part of it.