Monday, July 25, 2011

Celebrity Atheists

We're in talks with several different people who happen to be celebrities and freethinkers.  While there has been no formal agreement and it would be premature to mention names, we can tell you that the conversations are going well and we are hopeful that schedules and desire will permit and we'll have several celebrities at the Reason Rally.

Hollywood has a large number of atheists and freethinkers in it's ranks but many times A-list celebs keep that part of their world to themselves.  However, we feel that it would help shed some light on atheism to "come out" of the religious closet and show that atheist celebrities can appeal to all audiences who can accept them in move/TV parts and as an atheists at the same time.

Stay tuned as we continue talking with celebrities and please take our new poll that asks which celeb you would most want to see and the Reason Rally.