Sunday, July 10, 2011

Speakers at the Reason Rally

As things begin to move at a more rapid pace, Reason Rally is excited to give you a short list of speakers we already have in place.  While we are in talks to have more speakers including a few surprise celebrity speakers we think we have started off with an all-star line up.

Speakers so far are:
Richard Dawkins, Michael Edwards, Sean Faircloth, PZ Myers, James Randi, David Silverman, Roy Speckhardt, Todd Stiefel


  1. Where are the women? Where are the minorities? Where are the minority Women?

  2. The line-up so far is amazing!

    Can I suggest other two speakers?
    They are both Italian, but I'm sure they are also very well know in the worldwide atheist community.
    One is Margherita Hack, a retired astrophysicist

    while the other is Piergiorgio Odifreddi, a brilliant mathematician

    They both speak in a clear and simple way, and have the "advantage" of living in a state, Italy, where the institutions are strongly influenced by the church. As you may imagine, you develop some good skills when the difficulties are greater!